What’s it like to be in India Night in Salt Lake City!

It was about 5pm when I was heading to the Libby Gardner Hall on Friday, for the final rehearsal. I had never been to this hall before and the first time I saw it, my feelings can only be expressed with three letters:”WOW”. Adding to a classy and majestic stage, the decorations for India Night 2014 Purvaii were underway and there was a buzz of excitement among the volunteers. These certainly didn’t help all of the butterflies in my stomach. We finished our rehearsals on time and after some final rounds of practice before, I  called it a night.

It was the day! Going on stage for the first time(technically second but standing idly on a stage doesn’t count); to do something you have never done before; I was freaking out. While imagining ways I could get out of this possibly awkward situation, I was pushing ahead. It was 4 pm and I walked into the School of Music. There began my surprise. People were pouring in!! The crowd was getting bigger and were being served delicious Indian-style snacks in style and class. The realization of the class of the event and this evening hit me! OMG..  I couldn’t eat much and I walked into the main hall shortly.

On the way, the pathway was decorated with beautiful pictures, illustrating the cultural heritage of India. A good number of people from students to members of the community were eagerly waiting in the hall for the performances to begin. The stage decoration by this time was complete with simplicity and elegance intermixed. The air was filled with eagerness and excitement for something great to begin. I went backstage to change my clothes, all the while running through the dance steps in the back of my mind. It was time and then ….. I don’t remember what happened. The next 5 minutes for me wasn’t too memorable. I was glad I didn’t freeze and I was glad I didn’t miss many steps beside a couple but It was done. I was watching the rest of the show as an audience, the entire evening! Every aspect of the event was happening smooth, close to perfect. The atmosphere at Libby Gardner hall was electric and explosive..

Being a part of the organizing committee this year, it’s actually fun to look back on those fun moments. Being at the auditions, responding to some of the participant queries, setting up an “awesome” website ( I know its basic, but come on. humor me :)..), thinking about marketing and publicity, filming, talking to potential sponsors and being part of discussions on logistics, I can be certain of one thing. The India Night 2015, Tarang will be a major hit, featuring some of the best performances ( Goosebumps guaranteed  several times ) and talented performers (some of the best dancers, vocalists and instrumentalists I have seen in Salt Lake City) organized by an efficient, dedicated and hard-working committee. India Night 2015 will be a jewel on Indian Students Association. Check out its trailer now!

Watch out folks! India Night 2015 “Tarang, Waves of Symphony” will definitely be an event you don’t want to miss. Coming Saturday at 4:30 pm at Libby Gardner Hall, the fun begins!! Buy your tickets now!

More Info : https://sites.google.com/site/slcindianight2015/home
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/357526137786151/
Tickets : https://sites.google.com/site/slcindianight2015/home/buytickets

Back Home ? or Back From Home?

You fly about 30 hours to other side of the world and you are confused! Am I from Home or Am I back home?  Lovely sight of your family, waiting for you at the airport and you are too exhausted to actually let it sink. Slowly it sinks in and you are just plain happy! Yet, you are so tired that people around you actually can’t see it. You wonder if things will ever be the same returning after a year and a half. So many things have changed and yet you blend in as if you never left.

You visit your lovely nephew for the first time and holding him in your hands is pure joy. Thinking about his little smile gives me one, any time. You try to eat exclusive food as much as possible. Yet, you can’t get enough of the people you will miss. You actually want to spend time with everyone in your family! You are just a bundle of emotions elated all the time. Days feel like hours and so many things are yet to be done.

You visit Kerala to see your nephew and cousin and you play with your nephew for the first time and you are freak’n excited. You celebrate new year with an amazing party with your family ( Thanks to my lovely sis, Sandy for a fun game afterwards ),  You spend almost every day with your sis and her hubby that you miss them even now. You witness your mom and dad getting married! You get to organize their wedding! ( at-least play some part! ). You visit your mom’s new shop for the first time. You rest, shop and pack-up. You reach the airport in time and you are about to say goodbye to your mom and dad. You feel like some one just punched you in your gut and you just feel sad. You buckle up and tell yourself ” Don’t make a scene Sriraam” and you wave good bye with smiles. You get on that plane and you get back to Salt Lake City and you are greeted by a dear friend at the airport. You put your game face on!

It’s funny that my flight itinerary says I am back home. Am I? I guess, I am back from home!


Congrats Mom and Dad, for getting married Again!!


It is just another day in town,
With yet another event of our own,

Not just anything ordinary,
For the couple today are extra-ordinary,

With music and love that generously rain,
She marries her husband yet again!

Long has been the journey together,
For one has become a part of the other,

For they are fortunate and loved, more than any one on the planet.
May they be blessed with peace, Living happily Forever and after!




Laptops, tablets, phablets and printers. Its time I question all the effort one puts into writing anything by hand. Did I spend significant portion of my childhood, practising to write cursive, pretty, clear and fast? Did I learn anything with all those seemingly fruitless exercises ?

What exactly does it mean to write ?  Just to draw scripts using a pen? Or using scripts to actually shape your thoughts? Is there a significance to writing by hand ? Or does the act of shaping ideas into words imply writing?

According to the nytimes article, writing by hand has distinct benefits unique to cognitive development for kids. Shaping letters by hand triggers learning and allows to better express ideas from childhood. I guess one should be glad for every essay written for the innumerable number of tests in school.

But as it remains, such findings are results of studies based on experiments which may or may not be true for everyone. Yet, the passion to write, to use the right words in the right places, to express your mind with the right set of words,
To  allow to be consumed by it, makes writing one of the most satisfying acts in our every day mundane life. To write about writing has yet another level of humour and satisfaction to it.

Good to be back….


Just Another Day @Zion

I cannot say I have seen all of Zion! Not even close! Yet, I can say, I had one of the most exhilarating experiences at Zion! Trying to climb Angel’s Landing , yet coming so close to going to the top! OK. I will confess , the last mile was not for me!!!

When you see few rays of sunlight cut through the cloudy sky on a rainy evening to shine on the tips of those bare mountains only to be dazzled more by the rainbows that followed to add to the smell of rain in the air, both words and pictures fail to describe the wonderous moment! Adding to this, with ‘probable flood’ alert, a walk in the narrows in muddy waters, checking at the weather for signs of storm or rising water levels  and only to hear a thunder at a distance and come running back! , could easily rank as one of the best times for most folks, I am sure !

Watch out Zion, Will be Back for more!!


Little Did I Know.!

Looking down from the end of Millcreek Canyon Pipeline trail, the breeze and the view was nothing short of stunning, with a car park looking like a tray of square shaped chocolate bars , carefully placed next to each other. So many trees amidst seemingly small buildings,  made me wonder if Utah is in real a  desert state. If some one told me, I would be riding a mountain bike(bicycle) on a trail that runs at the edge of the canyons, my reaction would definitely have been, “Are you Joking??” .  Let alone, “I will get to dance on a stage with my friends, with people watching me!” .I would have been sure that it cannot be me. “Long birthday parties with music and dance, with lots of food and a big circle of friends” . “Being appointed as part of an association and entrusted with good deal of responsibilities” . All of this would have definitely driven me to a point of laughing out loud.

When I sent the email , accepting my offer of admittance, little did I know what to look forward to. When everything that has happened happens , one just couldn’t stop wondering if a single decision could change so many things about him and his life. With so many things happening around me, people I left behind back in India are covering great strides in different stages of their life and remain my dearest reminding me the family and friends I miss every day. With a little bit of this and little bit of that, I have found a  path, I had no idea where it could lead to , and having a journey that has proved to be a memorable one for days to come.